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    NEB Project Article

    It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks since I started my new job as a Summer Research Student. (I personally like to think myself as a Data Visualization Designer, but unfortunately that’s not my official title.) Like all jobs, I find it ideal to be able to dip my toe into the waters before getting to the nitty gritty part and the ILab was one of those jobs. My first day I dealt with colour palettes and mocking up an already conceptualized landing page for the NEB project. It didn’t take long for me to crave more work, so I asked for more, which resulted in me doing some more design…

  • Personal

    Introduction Post

    Hello there! I bet you’re wondering why I have an introduction post when I have an about page. I like to believe that a good start to a blog is a great introduction. Even an about page can’t kickstart that. This is most likely the first time I have ever blogged as myself. I’ve blogged for approximately six years now on WordPress. It first started out as a pet project between me and a friend. It then evolved into a solo project where I transferred myself onto a new domain, The Inky Awkto. And over a year of blogging there, sharing my thoughts on books, cooking and my travelling adventures, I…

  • Travel

    Victoria, BC – Day 4 Overview

    After 2 nights of bad sleep, I was finally able to get some rest on the third night. How? Well my body was so exhausted from the lack of sleep and walking that I just knocked out on the third night. I woke up, had my breakfast from Crave Bakery and got ready. Since it was my last day at the airbnb, I wanted to make sure I was all packed up before leaving for my adventures. I also wrote up a thank you card for my host. She was a great host and definitely deserved some recognition for it. The Dragon Boat Festival was starting and I definitely wanted…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 3 Chinatown

    Day 3 consisted with a lot of walking around. By the afternoon I was pretty exhausted from walking around so much. Instead of walking downtown, I decided to take a bus there. I made sure I was taking a double decker bus because I never been on one before. To my great luck, the bus was indeed a double decker. Ohoh. I managed to get the front seats on the second floor. This tourist couple came up a few seconds before me and was pointing and talking about taking my seat when I left. Lucky for them I was only riding for a few stops. The view from the double…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 3 Royal BC Museum

    Museums are one of the things I enjoy visiting when I’m traveling to other places. It’s not for everyone, but for me it works. I love learning about the places I’m visiting and what their history was like so my visit to Royal BC Museum was met with excitement and anticipation. They were hosting a special exhibit where they brought in Woolly Mammoths from Russia. The line for the museum wasn’t long, which was great. I recommend buying the museum pass + movie ticket. The museum has a 6 story screening wall which sounds incredible. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother with a movie ticket. I didn’t realize how special their theater…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 3 Overview

    Once I woke up I quickly got ready and rushed to the Wharf so I could watch the water and boats around me while I had breakfast. It was a good morning. I got a few stares from people passing by, but I didn’t mind it. I was hoping to catch some views on seals or otters, but I couldn’t. After breakfast, I wandered the habour in search for another sighting of a starfish. I also didn’t find any.

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    Victoria, BC – Day 2 Butterfly Gardens

    Ahh the Butterfly Gardens. I think this one was the disappointing event I went too. Sure, there was butterflies, but I expected more especially since the insect is part of the building’s name. Admission was 16 dollars for an adult. At first I didn’t think it was too bad because I expected at least an hour of content. I finished walking around the building within 30 minutes and struggled to keep busy for the next 20 minutes before leaving. What did surprise me was that it had more than just butterflies. It had frogs, turtles, tortoises, tropical birds and flamingos. When I first entered the gardens I almost stepped on…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 2 Butchart Gardens

    I’m very glad I woke up very early to high tail it to the gardens. I left airbnb at 9am. By the time I got to the gardens it was 10:30am and there was tour buses and other groups arriving as well. I don’t like crowds very much, but for some reason, I was pretty calm in this place. Unfortunately, I didn’t check my battery level in my camera the night before so I ended up having one bar of battery life left for my garden trip. I was surprised how long it lasted me. The camera lasted two hours before dying on me completely. Luckily, I finished my trip…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 2 Overview

    Time for day two! I woke up pretty early for today because I didn’t rest well the night before. The airbnb place I was staying at was an older house, so I wasn’t used to the loud heater turning on at night. Also I sleep with a nightlight, so the darkness in my room freaked me out. I ended up turning on the lights and opening the window to allow the night sounds to creep inside my room. It’s very comforting to sleep to the sound of crickets. Day two was packed with a trip to Butchart Gardens and the Butterfly Gardens. I made myself a peanut butter and jam…

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    Victoria, BC – Day 1 Fisherman’s Wharf

    The Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the areas that I desperately wanted to see. Partly because of their floating houses. I even allowed this attraction to affect my decision on where to stay for airbnb. My airbnb was literally 3 minutes away from the Wharf. When I was dropped off from my amazing afternoon with my family friends, I decided to go to the Wharf for some dinner. Alana recommended me to try out the curried mussels at The Fish Store, which I decided to do. They were delicious. Mussels are one of my favourite seafood item to have. It was so long since I had them as well so…