Victoria, BC – Day 1 Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the areas that I desperately wanted to see. Partly because of their floating houses. I even allowed this attraction to affect my decision on where to stay for airbnb. My airbnb was literally 3 minutes away from the Wharf. When I was dropped off from my amazing afternoon with my family friends, I decided to go to the Wharf for some dinner. Alana recommended me to try out the curried mussels at The Fish Store, which I decided to do. They were delicious. Mussels are one of my favourite seafood item to have. It was so long since I had them as well so naturally I was stoked to have them again after so long.


There was a lot of people visiting the Wharf. It was very interesting to see how packed it was. Also since it was a working harbour, I was able to feel the slight bobbing motion of the floor from the waves of the ocean. I love being around water so being at the Wharf made me feel at home. There was an area to feed the seals! They were harbour seals and super adorable. It was my first time seeing a seal up close and personal. Hehe. I got so excited I started mentality screaming SEAL.

There was a huge crowd trying to feed the seals so I ended up watching the others instead. I didn’t feel like fighting for the seals’ attention. There was about four of them swimming around for food. Two of them were blind and one was a younger seal. It stuck around its mother for the most part.

I can’t remember how long I spent watching people feed seals. Maybe an hour? Let me tell you, seal watching is very time consuming. Their cuteness just absorbs you and you lose track of all time watching. Or maybe that’s just me.


I went for a walk to explore the floating houses at the Wharf. I was super intrigued to see floating houses, especially after watching My Floating Home on House TV. Yes I have the tv habits of a housewife. Along the way I found a starfish. Well a family found a starfish and I overheard it and went over to peek at it. I couldn’t see it so the mother pointed it out to me. I thanked her for it. Ohoh. The starfish thought he could hide from me. Think again!! Oh, I was able to find a jellyfish as well! At first I didn’t think the jellyfish was an actual jellyfish until I stopped to take a closer look at it. It was so tiny! I loved watching it swim. Bloop. Bloop.

Fishermans’ Wharf had two alleys of floating homes. There were signs warning tourists that they are private property and we needed to respect that and be quiet. It was interesting to see how quiet their neighbourhood was. You would think because it’s a popular tourist area even the neighbourhood would be noisy, but there was a great contrast between the main area and here. Not to mention they were only a few meters away from each other. I loved the character each floating house had. Different plants, windows, siding colours. Each house had their own story to tell and I’m grateful I was able to see it.

After visiting the Wharf I went out for a walk along the water. I wanted to see if the trails could lead me up to downtown Victoria. It did and I ended up using that path to walk downtown everyday. That’s all for now! I ended up visiting the Wharf a few more times during my trip. I’ll share those experiences next time.


      • ToreishiNoblesse

        hmm. sunshine coast, east hastings ehehe don’t go. I have a mate there but not a good area, granville island as my mate is an atelier there. Jasper and Banff were also regular haunts but I’m a rockclimber so had to go! I heard victoria is gorgeous just never got the chance to go. I whipped over to Cali & Nevada in lieu of exploring more of BC.

        • DrAwkto

          Oh yeah I heard about East Hastings, it’s like the scum of the scumbag dens or something. Too many horror stories of tha tplace.

          Ahh Jasper and Banff! Those are my favourite places to visit. Especially since banff is only 1 hr away from me. πŸ˜€ I haven’t been to Jasper in a while, I really want to go, but no one wants to make the drive there and back. LOL apparently 3-5 hours of a drive is too tricky for them. Then again, I totally understand that mentality it’s tough soo ehh.

          Ooh. Dang. Luckily BC is closer than Cali and Nevada, so I think you made a good choice to go there instead of explore more. It’s definitely cheaper to stay inside the country now that the CAD kinda sucks. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore BC while we wait for the CAD to rise up.

          • ToreishiNoblesse

            yeah it’s really not a good area but my atelier friend used to bum around the Tonga with Shaggy so I think he figures safer than most places he’s been to.
            Edmonton is three hours from anything good so I HAD to get out and do stuff when I was still living there haha.

          • DrAwkto

            Haha that makes sense. πŸ˜€ Yeah Edmonton is in the middle of no where. I am jealous of the diverse plant life in your city. I was able to visit last month, I went to the Fringe Festival with some friends. It was pretty good. And got to see UofA campus. That was pretty fun.

            Calgary got nothing on Edmonton. Cept, I think we have better things to do during the weekend. πŸ˜€ Haha… Not to throw shade on Edmonton or anything.

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