Victoria, BC – Day 1 Overview

What’s up guys?

As a whim I decided to take a 4 day vacation to Victoria, BC. I was tired of where my life was going during this summer. I couldn’t get a part time job, nor did I have any other commitments to uphold. Therefore, I decided to take some time off for myself and leave the city. Hence, Victoria, BC. I figured it would be a easy relaxing trip by myself, which it was.

The night before my flight was pretty relaxing. I had packed a few days before so I was prepared, so I thought. I realized that the airline only allowed 2 carry ons; one personal item and one carry on. Both my bags counted as a carry on. I was hoping that my backpack would count as a personal item, but there was no way I would be able to stick my backpack at the bottom of the seat in front of me. I didn’t want to pay extra fees to check in one of my bags so I made a rush decision to swap out my backpack for my camera bag instead. I quickly shoved all my stuff from the backpack into the suitcase I was bringing and had most of my camera gear inside the camera bag.

As you can see, the suitcase and the backpack are virtually the same height.
As you can see, the suitcase and the backpack are virtually the same height.

By the time I was done reorganizing, it was 11pm and I had to get to bed, but I didn’t. I couldn’t sleep for some reason so I ended up watching some comedy shows until I fell asleep, which was around 2am. I make good decisions. Yup. I do not recommend getting only 4 hours of sleep the day before a flight. My flight was at 7:55am, which meant I had to be at the airport at around 5:45am. This meant I had to wake up at 5am. Never have I woken up so early in my life before. I have been up at 5am before, but that’s another story. Haha.

Check in was pretty fast. There wasn’t as many people as I expected. I guess that is one of the positives to having an early morning flight. By the time I walked to my gate, I had over 2 hours to kill. Haha. Good thing I had my kindle and free wifi. I ended up using some of that time to find bandaids cause I ripped a hangnail. 😀 I’m good at life guys. I swear.

Kindle is god. Kindle is life.

When I booked the flight, I was lucky enough to get the window seat for both of my flights. Unfortunately, when I boarded my plane there was a little kid sitting in my seat. I doubled checked multiple times to see if I got the booking wrong. No… The kid was definitely in my seat and the parent was waiting to see if I noticed. After I dumped camera bag on the aisle seat to put away my carry on, the mother asked me if it was okay if the kid sat there.

My thought process went a little like this.

Sighs. Am I really going to kick a little child off of my seat? Ugh. No I guess not. I’m too tired to deal with aftermath if I do. Plus I have a window seat when I come back, so it’s fine if I give it up for now.

I reluctantly gave up my window seat. Thinking about it I do have regrets, but it’s fine. It didn’t matter in the end because I ended up being knocked out from sleep exhaustion. Hahaha. Oh well. The family beside me used their window seat privileges better than I did. All is well!

Victoria airport! That’s an above view of the entrance. I didn’t know that until after I left the building.

The airport at Victoria was surprisingly small. I wasn’t used to it since I’ve only seen larger airports. It was pretty quaint. Since I was staying at an airbnb I decided to take a bus to my destination. I didn’t realize buses at Victoria has the same numbers for different directions. I ended up getting on the wrong bus. To be fair, I should have been more attentive to the bus descriptions and explored more at the bus terminal instead of assuming the 72 bus was the correct one google told me to get on.

I ended up taking a detour to Swartz Bay where most people go to take a ferry to Victoria. At first I was disappointed in myself for getting on the wrong bus, but I remembered I came to Victoria to explore. And what better way to explore than to get lost? Plus on the way back I was able to see some whales in the ocean near Lochside Dr. Pretty lucky if I do say so myself.

By the time I got to my airbnb it was 11am and my host was gone from the house. I had to let myself in and was quickly greeted by their dog, which I tried to calm down before stepping inside. There was some guests inside as well who I talked to about the dog. They were pretty friendly, but they were in the middle of checking out so I didn’t get a chance to ask them about their stay. My room was small, but it was the perfect size for me. Not to mention that I’m using it as a home base. I’ll be spending most of my time outside of the room anyways.

Soon after, I got picked up by a few family friends for lunch. They gave me an extensive tour around the city. The tour was mostly focused on the coast line since they knew I might not have a chance to see it. Lunch was great, we had lunch at The Snug, a pub located in the Oak Bay Beach hotel. They even gave me the run down of the history of the hotel. It was pretty great.

After lunch we continued the rest of the coastline tour back up to their place, where I got to see their amazing home and the view they get to see every morning. We spend a few hours at their place, I got to meet all these lovely people that they call their neighbours. It was a great afternoon. They dropped me off at around 4pm and that’s when I went to the Fisherman’s Wharf to get some dinner. The Fish Store here I go!

I’ll have another post where I go into further detail about my trip to the Fisherman’s Wharf.


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