Victoria, BC – Day 2 Butterfly Gardens

Ahh the Butterfly Gardens. I think this one was the disappointing event I went too. Sure, there was butterflies, but I expected more especially since the insect is part of the building’s name. Admission was 16 dollars for an adult. At first I didn’t think it was too bad because I expected at least an hour of content. I finished walking around the building within 30 minutes and struggled to keep busy for the next 20 minutes before leaving.


What did surprise me was that it had more than just butterflies. It had frogs, turtles, tortoises, tropical birds and flamingos. When I first entered the gardens I almost stepped on a turtle. Sorry turtle. It blended into the floor! Kinda. I have bad spacial awareness alright? I only noticed because I saw it moving. Hehe It was so adorable. I love turtles. I watched them the most.


Watching the tortoise pit was fun. They wiggle around so slowly. Sometimes butterflies would come flying by and land on their shells for a rest. Free tortoise transportation anyone? During my visit, I met a guest who had a tropical bird on her hand. She managed to get it on her hand and she was petting it.


Eventually she got tired of it and tried to pass it on a little boy, but the bird didn’t want to budge. She got nervous and tried to get it off her hand by placing it near the ledge of the plant box, however, the bird didn’t care. It really liked her hand. She got really frightened and asked for someone to grab help. I shook my head at her from a distance. Don’t touch the wildlife. There are signs everywhere warning people of that. Just because they’re in an enclosed building for our entertainment doesn’t mean you can just go off and touch them. If she wasn’t properly trained in handling the bird she shouldn’t have picked it up. Sure, she might have had some experiences getting the bird to climb up, but it was clear she didn’t know how to deal with it to get off. Some people these days. When I went back to the area, the bird and the lady was gone. I couldn’t find the bird at all. They must have put it away for the day or something. It was disappointing.

They had a huge array of poison dart frogs as well. It was a fascination to watch them move around. Such tiny creatures but with enough poison to kill anything larger than it. Of course these frogs were in a durable glass box so there was no way anyone would be able to touch them. Nearby the frog box there was a beautiful Amazon Parrot. He is a grumpy bird, so there was a warning sign to guests not to keep direct eye contact with it for too long.

I decided to head downtown to explore the area since I had a bunch of extra time leftover. That’ll be the next post. See you guys soon!

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