Victoria, BC – Day 2 Overview

Time for day two! I woke up pretty early for today because I didn’t rest well the night before. The airbnb place I was staying at was an older house, so I wasn’t used to the loud heater turning on at night. Also I sleep with a nightlight, so the darkness in my room freaked me out. I ended up turning on the lights and opening the window to allow the night sounds to creep inside my room. It’s very comforting to sleep to the sound of crickets.

Day two was packed with a trip to Butchart Gardens and the Butterfly Gardens. I made myself a peanut butter and jam toast courtesy of my airbnb host. It’s nice having breakfast provided at the place you’re staying at. After breakfast, I rushed over to the government building where the bus I needed to catch was at. I was hoping it would be a double decker bus, unfortunately, it was not. It’s okay though, I had a very relaxing bus ride to the gardens. I sat at the back of the bus and jammed out to some tunes on my ipod while waiting. I occasionally eavesdropped on the family of travelers beside me. They were from Texas, USA. It was interesting to see what they thought of Canada.

Getting to Butchart Gardens wasn’t too bad. Didn’t take too long to get there and the bus driver was kind enough to give us announcements of whereabouts when we neared the place. I spent a few hours wandering around in the gardens. I had to be mindful of the people around me so I wasn’t accidentally ruining any shots. I had a couple of them come up to me and thank me for my consideration, which felt nice. Some of them thanked me in other languages so I gave them a small nod and quiet sound to show my acknowledgement. Sometimes I would tell them they were welcome in English.


After I finished up seeing what was to see, I made my way to the Butterfly Gardens. Now I had google instructions on how to get there, but I wanted to make sure with the bus driver if he was heading in that direction. Just to make sure. My little adventure from the day before taught me I should double check to make sure I got on the right bus. The bus driver was kind enough to confirm my knowledge. Thank goodness.

While I was riding the bus towards my destination, I overheard a patron discuss with the bus driver about how tourists have no idea where they are going and how they should do their own research before asking. The tone she used was negative and I couldn’t help but to think that was in reference to me. I mean I was the only one that asked the driver for confirmation. I was little annoyed that the patron had the audacity to gripe about other people like that. You can’t always trust everything you find on the internet, sometimes google makes mistakes too. No matter, I didn’t let her words get to me. If she wanted to look like a better person by complaining about others so be it.

When I neared my destination, I indicated the next bus stop without having the bus driver telling me so and I got off thanking him like I always do. I knew where I was going.


The butterfly gardens were very nice. They had more than just butterflies inside as well. They had a few tropical birds like parrots and flamingos. They even had a collection of poison dart frogs! 😀 The gardens were small compared to the Butchart Gardens, and I was able to finish the entire garden in 30 minutes. I didn’t think 30 minutes for 16 dollars was worth it, so I forced myself to take more time to wander the gardens and see things. There wasn’t much to see. I felt like they didn’t have a lot of butterflies compared to other places I’ve been too. For a butterfly garden, I expected to see more butterflies flying around me.

Since I had extra time to kill for my day, I ended up taking a bus downtown to explore down there. I went to some stationary shops that I researched before my trip. I had a goal. It was to find washi tape! And I succeeded! I visited The Papery and another place. The other place I forgot the name of because it strictly for card making. I also found this really cute bakery called Crave Bakery. It’s located on a sketchy street, but it offers the best pastries I ever had. I picked up one for the next morning’s breakfast. Afterwards, I explored a used bookstore and found used copies of Doraemon! It had Japanese with English translations. I picked up 3 volumes because I felt like it would be a good tool for practicing my Japanese.

Now, instead of heading back to the wharf for dinner, I wanted a sit down place so I ended up going to a pub for happy hour food. My server was pretty nice. She never judged me for dining alone and in fact she gave me as much space as she could and even offered opinions on the dishes I was getting. Ohoh. She was tipped very well. 😀 Well 20% which is a lot for a student. I heard tipping was the same Victoria as my city so that’s what I ended up doing.


Once I got back home, I turned on the tv for some food network stuff while winding down and recording stuff in my bullet journal. I used the washi tape to deck out my entries. 😀 The new guests checked in while I was gone, I didn’t bother talking to them because they seemed like they wanted their space. There was two of them! They were most likely a husband and wife judging from eavesdropping on their hushed conversations and conversations with the airbnb host. Haha.

The unfortunate part about staying at a place with thin walls and creaking floors. I could hear their snoring and what seemed like every hour one of them would get up out of bed to go use the washroom. This was consistent throughout the night. Everytime they got up, I would wake up as well. Just to make sure no one came in. Yes I’m a paranoid sleeper, you can see why I couldn’t sleep well the first night right?

That’s all for now. Next post will be a more detailed look at my trip to Butchart Gardens! See you guys then.

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