Victoria, BC – Day 3 Chinatown

Day 3 consisted with a lot of walking around. By the afternoon I was pretty exhausted from walking around so much. Instead of walking downtown, I decided to take a bus there. I made sure I was taking a double decker bus because I never been on one before. To my great luck, the bus was indeed a double decker. Ohoh. I managed to get the front seats on the second floor. This tourist couple came up a few seconds before me and was pointing and talking about taking my seat when I left. Lucky for them I was only riding for a few stops.

The view of everything is great! I feel so tall!
The view of everything is great! I feel so tall! Fear me cars!!

The view from the double decker bus is great. I felt so tall. It was a more bumpy ride though for some reason. I figured it was because the top isn’t as supported as the bottom half would be. Either way it was a great ride.

I saw a flock of pigeons attacking bird seed on the ground.
I saw a flock of pigeons attacking bird seed on the ground.

Victoria’s Chinatown interested me the most because of my heritage and the fact that it was one of the oldest chinatown’s in Canada. I had to check it out. There was a Buddhist temple that I also wanted to check out as well, but Google maps didn’t have operation times for the temple. Therefore, by the time I got there it was closed and the temple keeper was just exiting out of the building. He told me it was closed and walked off. Shame. This Buddhist temple isn’t what you would expect though. Not only is it one of the oldest ones in Canada, it’s also on the upper floors of the apartment building. From the outside you would have no idea it was a temple. There’s just a small sign on the door stating that the upper floor is the temple.


Chinatown didn’t seem like much from the outside, but once I wandered in I realized how charming it was. There was a lot of tea shops and furniture shops in Chinatown. It was pretty different from Calgary’s Chinatown. There was a few restaurants there as well, but seeing how I was full from the Indian food I had at the festival I decided to skip out on trying some food. I did try some fruity tea from Silk Road Tea. They offer a large range of tea and tea sets. It’s like a Victoria version of David’s Tea. They apparently hand grow their tea ingredients.


I really wanted to pick up a tea cup, unfortunately, they didn’t have the ones I was looking for. I did manage to find some cute goldfish tea cups at the store beside it. Yay. Anyways, the buildings in Chinatown were very Victorian, and each street had an alleyway that opened up into more shops inside. From the looks of it Chinatown was built with buildings beside each other, no matter if they were facing the street or not. There are nooks where there are buildings clustered together and that’s what creates the alley maze.

There was a few shops that sold weed and other items, but they looked so classy on the outside it was hard to figure out that’s what they were doing. I loved the little courtyard area that connected each building together. A few of them had chalk drawings on the ground, a few of them had hanging lanterns. It was quite different from the chinatown, I’m used to in my own city. Anyways, that’s all I have for this post. After exploring Chinatown, I went back to the Indian festival to listen to some music and grab a snack.

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