Victoria, BC – Day 3 Overview

Once I woke up I quickly got ready and rushed to the Wharf so I could watch the water and boats around me while I had breakfast. It was a good morning. I got a few stares from people passing by, but I didn’t mind it. I was hoping to catch some views on seals or otters, but I couldn’t.

Who can’t fall in love with a view like this?

After breakfast, I wandered the habour in search for another sighting of a starfish. I also didn’t find any.

I had plans to visit the museum today, but I wanted to see more of the shore line so I decided to explore and walk on the pathway. I headed south of the pathway following the path that my friends drove me down on the first day I arrived. There was some interesting sights I saw while going on the pathway. I walked past a junk yard type of thing. There was a bunch of random stuff on the grounds of this one place. Wasn’t sure what it was, but it made for an interesting photo. Afterwards, I came across Odgen Point and decided to head down the bridge path thing. I loved the art that was decorated along the walls of the pathway. It looked beautiful. The ocean view was breathtaking. I swapped lenses so I could spy on the boats floating across the water. I managed to take a shot of these two fisherman catching a fish! Pretty lucky of me. 😀


Carrying on, the pathway was incredibly long. I kept wondering when I would get to the end of it. Actually I didn’t even know what was at the end of the pathway. I was just exploring. It ended up taking me to the middle of nowhere with a lighthouse. Haha. It had great views and you could walk downwards to the rocks and fish or just watch the waves.

Eventually I felt like it was time to go back to civilization and I made the slow walk back. I wanted to head to the Royal BC Museum and was too lazy to wait for a bus, so I decided to walk towards the museum. It was a very long walk, but I got more opportunities to get more photos.

In the evening I attended a Indian Festival with food and entertainment. I figured since it was a weekend type of event, I should at least see what they had to offer. Maybe they would do something different from my own city. It was poorly organized, but I enjoyed my time there. The food was pretty decent and the entertainment was pretty good. I wandered between the festival and Chinatown because I wanted to check it out. It was a sight to behold. I really liked that place, but I’ll save most of my blurbs for the other post since I got a few photos to share.

That’s it for now!

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