Victoria, BC – Day 3 Royal BC Museum

Museums are one of the things I enjoy visiting when I’m traveling to other places. It’s not for everyone, but for me it works. I love learning about the places I’m visiting and what their history was like so my visit to Royal BC Museum was met with excitement and anticipation. They were hosting a special exhibit where they brought in Woolly Mammoths from Russia.

The line for the museum wasn’t long, which was great. I recommend buying the museum pass + movie ticket. The museum has a 6 story screening wall which sounds incredible. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother with a movie ticket. I didn’t realize how special their theater was and when I did, it was too late. Then again I didn’t wanna use up 2 hours of my time watching a movie, it’s pretty much a personal preference.


Ahh! Look at that sign! Even looking back on it, I’m getting excited. The start of the exhibit was a lot of displays of fossils, bones, and information about how mammoths different from elephants.It was pretty informative.

The main attraction, however, is the mammoth from Russia. It was incredibly preserved. She was around 2 months old, and happened to die right before a giant snowstorm, so she was buried and the cold and ice preserved her body. She still had fur on her legs! The cold really persevered her quite well. 😀

From the mammoth exhibit, I wandered into the exhibit that showcased the history of British Columbia, as well as, its climate and wildlife. BC’s wildlife is more diverse than Alberta, I had a fun time learning about the different type of wildlife there was. I learnt a lot about the Sturgeon fish as well. I knew of this fish from Animal Crossing and The Sims, but it was nice to see it in person. Since I was more focused on learning, I didn’t take a lot of photos of the museum. The museum had a shallow pool area where they populated the water with ocean wildlife. There were hermit crabs, fish, sea anemone and starfish! Did you know sea anemone can walk?! That’s pretty awesome. I overheard this fact from a dad who wanted to teach his kids about wildlife. I eavesdropped a lot during their conversations. It’s pretty neat to hear what other people have to say about the exhibit. Secretly they had an adopted child. (me) Kidding of course.

The second floor of the museum was catered showcasing the different types of Natives in BC. There is so many of them. My favourite part of that floor was listening to all the different types of Native Languages. It’s saddening to learn how they’re slowly dying out.

Eventually I got hungry so I made my way down to the main floor to look for the food trucks that the Museum offers. I picked up some fish tacos. It was delicious, but very troublesome to eat because the smell would attract wasps. Having to fight for my lunch is not fun. :C Battle of the wasps and obviously the wasps are going to win. I did treat myself to a blueberry tart after the great battle was over. Once I had finished up the museum and my lunch I headed downtown to check out the Indian festival and Chinatown.


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