Victoria, BC – Day 4 Overview

After 2 nights of bad sleep, I was finally able to get some rest on the third night. How? Well my body was so exhausted from the lack of sleep and walking that I just knocked out on the third night. I woke up, had my breakfast from Crave Bakery and got ready. Since it was my last day at the airbnb, I wanted to make sure I was all packed up before leaving for my adventures. I also wrote up a thank you card for my host. She was a great host and definitely deserved some recognition for it.

The Dragon Boat Festival was starting and I definitely wanted to check it out. Instead of taking a bus to the location, I took a walk along the pathway that led to the event location. It was pretty good that I did because I was able to see the starting location of the boat races. I watched the boats coordinate their starting positions. It was pretty interesting to see how much direction they needed to get lined up.

It took me around 10 minutes to walk from the starting point towards the actual event area. Once I got there, I was extremely confused as to where the stands where. I happened to wander into the area where all the racers were warming up. Eventually I found the entrance to the viewing are and such. The stands were packed full of people. They were all cheering for their teams to win and I could feel their excitement.


There were a few pauses in the event because of the Victoria Clipper needing to dock and leave the harbour. That’s the unpredictable nature of a harbour for you. I loved seeing how the Clipper would unload it’s cargo and load new cargo inside the ship. There was this large arm that popped out of the back of the ship that would move back and forth to get the cargo crates. It was like watching someone gather prizes from a crane game machine. During one of the longer breaks I decided to head to Red Fish Blue Fish for some lunch. The line was already forming 20 minutes before they opened. I waited for about 40 minutes and realized I would still be there for another 30 minutes before getting my food, I left the line because I didn’t want to wait anymore. I was missing precious moments of the festival.

I stayed at the festival to watch a few more races before heading back to the Fisherman’s Wharf for some lunch and more seal watching before heading back to the airbnb to get my things. There was a small crowd feeding the seals already.  Since the seal activity was so high, I decided lunch was in order. I ordered fish and chips from The Fish Store to eat while watching the others feed the seals. Lunch entertainment! My fish were a bit over done and I wasn’t a fan of the fries, however, I let it go because it was during lunch rush so it makes sense that my food would have little mistakes. No big deal.


After lunch, I desperately wanted some homebrew root beer since it was a while since I had some Grizzly Paw Root Beer. I thought maybe Victoria would have some good ones. I got some Phillip’s Soda in hopes it would fix my craving. Haha it didn’t. It tasted too fizzy for me and I wanted to cry. It was no Grizzly Paw and at that point of time, I almost missed home because I missed Grizzly Paw Root Beer so much. It was okay though, the sight of seals made my homesickness disappear pretty quickly.


I saw some kids even get some seals to do a little spin before eating their fish. Everyone was in awe that they were able to teach the seals in such a short amount of time. I did decide to feed the seals. I figured since it was my last day, I might as well try it out. Unfortunately, I decided a bit too late and most of the seals were full from all the other people. It took me around 40 minutes to get rid of my fish. :C I also attempted to get seals to spin around for me. They looked away in boredom then looked back at me to see if I was still trying to pull that trick on them. If I kept doing it, they would ignore me and go away. ; ; Guess I was too old for the seals.

A seal accidentally brushed their whiskers on my hand when it jumped up to get the fish from my hands. Hehe it was the highlight of my day. Ahh <3 Once I finally got rid of all my fish to the cute seals, I rushed back to the airbnb to pick up my stuff so I could head to the airport. It was time to end my adventures. I didn’t know how long security check in would take, so I left with around three hours of buffer zone. In hindsight, it might have been too much, but better safe than sorry.

I ended up falling asleep on the bus ride to the terminal where I get off to make the switch to the airport bus. I was lucky enough to wake up just in time for the bus to pull into the terminal. The people beside me were very annoyed I had to get off the bus, but I mean, what else was I supposed to do? Most of the people on the bus were heading to Swartz Bay. Once I got off and walked towards my airport bus, I found out I missed it by a few minutes. I had to wait 40 minutes for the next one. Haha my claim to Victoria’s transit might have been challenged in that moment of time. I know in Calgary, the airport bus comes every 15 – 30 minutes. But I digress. I didn’t mind waiting since it was a nice day out.

By the time I got to the airport, I still had less than two hours before boarding. To my luck, security didn’t take that long, so I spent most of my free time at the airport gate watching the Olympics, snacking on some pretzels and reading reddit because apparently my ebooks didn’t interest me at the time.

Aboard the plane, I was able sit in my actual seat, which was the window seat. There was no entitled mother and child asking for my seat. I was pleased. I had a feeling it was going to be a good trip back. I spent most of the time awake, looking outside the window and taking shots of the landscape below. The sky was pretty hazy so it was hard to take clear shots of things. I bet if I flew at a later hour, the sky wouldn’t be as hazy as it was.

Before I knew it, we were approaching my city. It didn’t even feel like an hour went past. It was a great trip. I saw many different things, experienced new things, and met very nice people. Sure, my interactions with them were very brief, but they were nice. I had a great trip and I can’t wait to travel some more in the near future.

Thanks for following my posts about my Victoria trip! I had a great time writing about it. Have you guys been to anywhere exciting lately? If so and you have a series as well, feel free to post a comment down below and I’ll check it out!

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