Taste of Calgary 2017

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As a foodie, I’m usually stumped on what places to eat with friends whenever we have a night out so events like Taste of Calgary are a great way for us to see the new things the Calgary food scene has in store for us. I went with another person and we had a budget of 20 dollars. We like playing a game while attending events like this. Our game is to find the best food item that was worth it’s price in tickets.

Judging criteria: 

  • Portion Size
  • Ticket Amount
  • Taste

First off, we started with a Tot Poutine with duck gravy & kafir lime leaf pea shoot salad from Mango Mania. It costed five tickets. The portion size was pretty decent. Definitely worth the ticket amount. Despite it being just tater tots with gravy, I felt like it was pretty interesting. I enjoyed the pea shoot salad on top and the duck gravy was delicious. The only issue I had with the dish was that I wish the gravy was more evenly distributed over the tots, but that’s a minor detail. It was a hit between the two of us, that’s for sure. Our first dish was already a hit so it was a pretty great start.

Tot Poutine with duck gravy & kafir lime leaf pea shoot salad from Mango Mania

Next up was a Watermelon mint feta salad from Holy Smoke BBQ for three tickets. I had high hopes with this dish and overall it was mostly just watermelon. The feta cheese was lightly topped and there wasn’t a very good amount of mint on my salad, so I didn’t get that flavour at all. What little mint I had, I did my best to combine it with both the watermelon and feta to fully unstand what the chef was going for in terms of taste and I’ll have to say, it wasn’t a bad combination. I like how the mint brought in fresh tones to the salad while offsetting the saltiness of the feta. Ideally, I think I would have liked this dish better with arugula salad mixed in as well, so that it’s bitterness could also help out the mint, but overall the salad wasn’t too bad. Was it worth the tickets? I don’t think so.

Watermelon mint feta salad from Holy Smoke BBQ

After the watermelon salad, I decided to grab a vegan burger from Juice Booth while my buddy went and looked for a drink to quench his thirst. The platter was five tickets and I would say that it was a fairly decent price. The vegan burgers from Juice Booth was specially handmade by the owner of the store. I had the fortune to talk to the daughter of the owner while he was out back cooking more burgers. The patty was made out of a lot of good stuff, the list was quite long, but the ingredients that I remember was portobella mushrooms, beans, chickpeas(?), and garlic. The burger tasted pretty good, definitely what I expected of a vegan burger. It didn’t bother pretending it was real meat, which was the best part of the burger. It was a patty on its own. I wasn’t a fan of the chips and salsa but that’s alright, the burger was the star of the dish.

Ultimate Vegan Burger platter from Juice Booth

Unfortunately, the pure milk tea that my buddy wanted was no longer offered and he had to find a backup plan. We were interested in the wellness tea that Kaffeeklatsch offered. We got the chilled version of the tea for four tickets. (Not photographed) The tea was a little too strange for my taste buds and so to us it was a flop. At least it served us well in keeping us hydrated.

As our time in the event was nearing the end, we had three tickets left over and needed something to get. We ended up settling on grilled cheese with tomato sauce. I was hoping that it would be made out of some sort of interesting cheese or something of the sort, but nope. It was just a regular grilled cheese sandwich. It was decent, I mean it’s pretty hard to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich. I wouldn’t say I was happy with it though. The sandwich itself was cold, therefore the cheese wasn’t warm and melty. However, the tomato sauce was delicious and definitely brought up the overall dish. Was the grilled cheese worth the tickets? Naw, but it was a good filler for our last item.

Chixdiggit: cheddar and gruyere grilled cheese from Grate n’ Barrel

So in conclusion, the star of the event for us was tots from Mango Mania. The vegan burger was a close second. The tots won for being the most tastiest, while being fair with portions and tickets. Did anyone else attend Taste of Calgary 2017? If so, what was your favourite food item you tried? Leave a comment below, I would love to know what everyone else had. 😀

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