Uzu Taiyaki Review

Woot! Another Taiyaki place has opened up in Calgary. The other place is the little Korean place located in the same building as Try Again, the bubble tea shop in Chinatown. For those who don’t know, Taiyaki is a popular fish shaped snack in Japan. It’s a fish shape pastry filled with yummy goodies. It’s commonly found with red bean, or custard filling. Taiyaki exists in Korea as well, but they are known by another name, bungeo-ppang.

Uzu Taiyaki had their soft opening on Feb. 23, 2018! And judging by the amount of people lingering by the store front when I went in, it’s safe to say that it was a successful soft opening. What makes Uzu Taiyaki different from the others is the ice cream filling. They have a few flavours for ice cream:  vanilla; pandan; vanilla and pandan twist; matcha; taro; and taro and matcha twist.

Edit: Since the grand official opening, Uzu Taiyaki serves red bean ice cream instead of taro.

The updated flavours are as followed: vanilla; pandan; vanilla and pandan twist; matcha; red bean; and red bean and matcha twist.

The flavours and all the beautiful toppings listed.


I got the pandan and vanilla twist with red bean filling. Let me tell you, the pandan ice cream was delightful. The smooth, soft flavour of pandan danced across my tongue and I was in heaven. The next time I visit, I’m definitely just getting a taiyaki with the pandan ice cream only. Each taiyaki is lined with a filling of your choice, either nutella or red bean. But as a lover of taiyaki I had to choose red bean so I could size up the flavours properly. And Uzu Taiyaki definitely held up. It’s worth a visit for a quick snack, or after dinner dessert.


Uzu Taiyaki is located at 1 110 2 Avenue SE. It’s beside the riverfront and near the Centre Street Bridge. Since it’s right at the edge of Chinatown parking might be a pain on weekends, but luckily it’s not a far walk from the train station! Also once it warms up, having a nice riverwalk with delicious taiyaki ice cream will be a great activity for family and friends.

A shout out to Daily Hive Calgary for their article on Uzu Taiyaki. I wouldn’t have found out about this place without them. Haha.


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