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It’s Lien here, bringing you a post about my experiences and thoughts on food subscription boxes. I will specifically talk about my experiences Goodfood, a Canadian based food subscription box since that’s the only one I have tried so far. For the first few weeks in my new apartment, I had the opportunity to give Goodfood a try. A friend hooked me up with a free box for the fear of me starving in my new place. I have kind friends. Anyways, then afterwards I noticed that the new week’s box had risotto so I ended up getting that too to give the dishes a try.

Goodfood provides different options of boxes depending on your diet preferences. You can even mix and match meals if you ever wanted to try a vegetarian dish in addition to the meat meals. In addition, you’re able to see the full recipe so you can decide if you have it that week or not. They provide you 2-3 meals each week with a serving of 2-4, depends on your preferences to be honest. As for me, since I’m the only one at my place I chose the 3 meals and 2 servings. I chose the vegetarian box to see what kind of meals one would eat if they were to be a vegetarian. That and vegetables are healthy for you. Plus it’s a good source of inspiration if you’re in a rut with vegetarian meals.

The box is insulated and Goodfood provides 2 ice packs inside the box to keep things fresh.

The first week I got Roasted Bell Pepper Panzanella with Marinated BocconciniCoconut Curry Lentil Stew with Spinach & Currant Salad, and Tomato Braised White Beans with Mozzarella & Parmesan Gratin. I liked all of them except for the curry lentil stew and its salad. I’m personally not a fan of vignettes and I noticed that a lot of recipes provided by GoodFood have a lot of vinegar and tart flavours. I would say my favourite dish from this box was the roasted bell pepper panzanella with marinated bocconcini. One because I realized that bocconcini was not a plant, but a cheese which was a delight to learn about and second it was just the right portion size for me. The tofu subs were very heavy on me and often I could only finish half of the sub before getting full. This is probably just a personal issue, but just wanted to point it out. Haha.

The cooking skill needed for these recipes aren’t high, especially since I was able to make them without flaw. Some of the recipes had pretty long cook times which if you are starving when you start cooking, you’ll be waiting for a while before food is ready. Since the cook time is listed on the recipe card, you can always take that into account and plan out when you want to start cooking so you’re not munching while cooking.


The second week I got Radicchio Risotto with Roasted Carrot RibbonsTempeh Tacos with Cabbage Slaw & Salsa Verde, and Tomato Braised White Beans with Mozzarella & Parmesan Gratin. I think out of this box I liked the gratin the most. The risotto was fun to make, but it was too tart from the vinegar. I should have added sugar to offset how tart it was. The same issue was present with the tacos. The dressing was far too tart for my liking, but I was a strong fan of the tempeh. In fact, this box allowed me to see how easy it is to work with tempeh, so I’m definitely going to start using it more in my cooking. So the goal of GoodFood definitely worked the second week in.

Overall, my experiences with Goodfood is alright. I wouldn’t get this box every week because it’s fairly expensive even if I can stretch the dishes to about 3-4 servings a recipe. I don’t eat a lot. However, I could see myself getting this box once a month just to mix things up a bit and explore what the world of food has to offer me. I do want to say that my palette is not made for the Goodfood boxes. Far too many recipes contain vinegar in it, and I just don’t like eating tart/sour things. They do provide some Asian recipes like dumplings, and Bibimbap, but it’s very catered to a western taste palette from my experiences. I’m sure others could say the same about the Italian and Indian dishes.

I do have some usability complaints about Goodfood in general, but that can be for another post.

That’s all I have for now! See you!

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