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YVR: A New Chapter

Summer has ended and fall is approaching fast. It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.  Earlier this year I was a proud Calgarian. Now I’m happy to call Richmond is my home.

Where do I get started with this tale?
Hmm. Well in Calgary I wasn’t exactly pleased with my situations. I was in a job that didn’t utilize my skillset properly. I wanted to do more, and despite my diligence and eagerness, I wasn’t being given more. My family situation and a few of my closest relationships were toxic. I had the tools to overcome the trials, but I needed the energy and patience to do so.

I felt a need for change. A way to get out. To do something about myself and my situations. On many occasions, I felt overwhelmed, but I broke it down. I figured if I did things a step at a time, things would feel more manageable. First, I had to do something about my job. I started job searching on popular job posting sites. I looked in both Calgary and Vancouver. Shotgun fired my resume at many postings.  

I had has responses, but I kept going until my current company replied back to me. They were interested in me but concerned over my location. I let them know I was open to relocation. They were pleased enough with me to fly me down to Vancouver for my second interview.

A week later, I got the job! Boy, I was thankful. This was the change I needed in my life. One step forward. Sure, I was nervous about moving to a new city, a new place, and a new company. However, the possibility of being free overshadowed the nerves and my transition was mostly smooth sailing.

Due to the fact, I had to settle in to basically a new start in life. April, May, and June went by like a whirlwind. A few weeks of moving to Richmond, I had to fly back to Calgary to meet up with a friend for our vacation at Newfoundland. (More on that later) The summer was packed with varies events such as hiking a few BC trails, the night market, a cruise, and a few anime conventions. I made a lot of new friends and got back into old hobbies. 

I have finally settled in and now have the energy and motivation to keep blogging about whatever I feel like blogging about at the time. Thanks for sticking around! 

See you in the next post. 

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