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Tea of the Day – Spa Day

Weird name for a tea, I know but it’s actually not a bad tea. Also, I find the name quite clever once you take a sip.

Spa Day is one of Murchie’s seasonal teas for this year. My friend hooked me up with some seasonal teas from Murchie’s and this was the first one I grabbed to try. It was a really nice gift. Thanks, Soft Soft~!

Spa Day consists of lemongrass, rose, lavender, and some other floral items. It smells very soothing. Similar to a chamomile tea. The tea really matches the name though because the smell of the tea is very reminiscent of a trip to the spa. 

How does it taste?

It tastes very floral. I can see this being a hit and miss with some people. It can seem like you’re drinking watered down lotion or bath water from the spa. However, fans of herbal teas especially chamomile tea will enjoy this blend. 

What did I think?

I personally thought it was a solid okay. I liked the calming effect it had on me. This would be something I would have in my collection for those nights where I want a cup of tea, but don’t want to deal with the caffeine. I wouldn’t drink this every day though. 

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