Finding a Hairstylist

My search for a hairstylist has finally come to an end! Growing up, I never knew how great it was to get a stable trusted hairstylist. Mom bounced me around to whoever was cheapest and called it a day. Sometimes I would be happy with the cut, and most times I wasn’t. I get why I had this experience, but now that I’m older, I can afford to get a professional that I trust. 

Back in Calgary, my hairstylist was Tomomi from Etch. I trusted her a lot. She was able to give me advice on hairstyles I was interested in getting and guided me toward styles that would best match my face structure. As someone who loves to experience with their hair, I knew to have someone to help steer me away from bad decisions was imperative.

Moving to Richmond meant that I had to leave Etch and Tomomi behind and start my hunt again. It was saddening to leave them behind, but I was also very excited to start my new adventure.

Lucky for me, I lived near a Japanese hair salon. I did some research on them and randomly picked Aya as my stylist. My first appointment with her was a simple trim since I was planning on growing out my hair. In fact, most of my appointments with Aya were just bang trims. So I wasn’t able to gauge how well suited she was for me.

Eventually, life got busy and I wasn’t able to keep up with the constant bang trimming so I made the decision to grow them out. A week ago, my hair was a bushy unkempt mess. I was getting pretty sad over it. I needed to do something about it. However, I had no idea what to do with my hair. The nightmare! I knew I wanted to grow it out, but I didn’t have a specific hairstyle in mind. Even after pursuing through Japanese catalogues I wasn’t able to find something that inspired me enough. 

I booked an appointment with Aya anyways. I figured I would let her decide on what to do with my hair. She was happy to see me, just as I was happy to see her. She asked me what I wanted to do today, and I sadly told her I didn’t know. I told her parts that I didn’t like about my hair. She took a look at my hair and instantly knew what to do with it. 

It was such a relief to have someone take care of my needs. I felt at ease knowing that Aya knew what was best for me. By the end of the haircut, my hair was fantastic. It was subtle changes, but it made a huge difference to me. Thank you so much, Aya! I’m very glad I met you!


  • rakioddbooks

    Awesome story! Impeccable timing too!
    I can relate, I had such a hard time finding someone who could cut my hair short without making it look like a man’s haircut. I found one in Korea lol, but then I cameback and had to start the search all over gain. I finally found someone new, and coincidentally, I have an appointment with her this afternoon lol.

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