Tea of the Day – No 10

Morning Folks!

Today’s tea of the day is a cult classic over at Murchie’s. No.10 is a blend between black tea and green tea.

How did it taste?

As the site description states, it was a mild and smooth flavour. The scent wasn’t strong either. Nothing else to really say about it.

What did I think of it?

I was very surprised at this tea. The idea of combining black and green tea together was pretty outlandish to me. Therefore, I was skeptical on what it would taste like and whether or not I would enjoy it. Turns out it was a delightful cup of tea and I would be happy to have more of it. I can see why it’s a fan favourite.

Needlessly to say, my mind has been opened to the idea of mixing types of teas together. Definitely would drink this tea fairly regularly.

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