Hi! I’m Lien and I’m a user experience designer. My background is a computer scientist specialized in Human-Computer Interactions, where I combine both my passion for enhancing experiences and my passion for design together.

Why HCI?

Well, I grew up with a love and appreciation for design. Seeing great designs work seamlessly in front of me left me awe-struck and from there on, I craved for the opportunity to one day leave that same impression on someone else. In addition to those experiences I had, I found human psychology fascinating. So being a user-experience designer allows me to apply my fascination with human psychology with my love for design and creativity all into one product.

Anyways, this is my personal blog where I blog about my adventures in life, from my hobbies, to my travels, to my notes about design meetups I attend. Enjoy your stay here! And if you’re interested here’s a link to my portfolio in case you wanted to see what I have accomplished.