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    World Usability Day @ MRU

    Hello Friends! I had the pleasure of attending Mount Royal’s World Usability Night hosted by the lovely Brian Traynor! I had the fortune of hearing about Brian from Kat, a fellow friend and co-worker from the NEB team this summer. A few weeks ago at the Inclusive Design Workshop by Calgary UX, Brian was introduced and made a small speech about UX at Mount Royal. I took that opportunity to say hi to him and he was kind enough to invite the UofC Ilab to attend his Usability Day. A few Ilab members were able to attend the event which is reasonable but I wish we had a better turn…

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    Inclusive Design Workshop – Calgary UX

    It’s Lien here, bringing you another blog post! Woot. This time I’ll be discussing what I learnt in the workshop I attended. This post is more for my sake because I needed a place to record my notes from this workshop, but I figured why not share the knowledge. That and it’s easier to find notes again if it’s all online. Anyways, as you know by the title of this post, I went to the Inclusive Design Workshop hosted by Calgary UX and it was a lovely time. It was housed over at the ATB Entrepreneur Center down at 17th ave SW and man that place was nice. It’s a place…

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    Incidents Open House

    Hello all! Before the launch of Incidents, or how NEB calls it Pipeline Incidents Visualization, NEB decided to have an internal open house to gauge how the other NEB employees felt and thought about the visualization. And of course Vizworx and the Ilab was invited to attend which I found was a great opportunity to gather user research. The open house provided snacks for attendees and it started off with Katherine, the product owner, demonstrating the uses of the visualizations.

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    Paper Prototypes

    Paper prototypes is a tool that utilizes paper in order to evaluate interaction and usability, while eliciting feedback from users. As a creative, hands on learner, paper prototypes are one of my favourite techniques to use when I’m stuck in a rut and need more ideas. Creating the paper prototypes allows me to visualize in a different light, I can quickly shuffle things together, or I can create/modify certain interaction elements that I discovered was awkward or tricky to use. I have utilized paper prototypes while creating data visualizations at the Ilab. During one project, I needed to find a home for an element in the layout and so I…