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    YVR: A New Chapter

    Summer has ended and fall is approaching fast. It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.  Earlier this year I was a proud Calgarian. Now I’m happy to call Richmond is my home. Where do I get started with this tale?Hmm. Well in Calgary I wasn’t exactly pleased with my situations. I was in a job that didn’t utilize my skillset properly. I wanted to do more, and despite my diligence and eagerness, I wasn’t being given more. My family situation and a few of my closest relationships were toxic. I had the tools to overcome the trials, but I needed the energy and patience to…

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    Incidents Open House

    Hello all! Before the launch of Incidents, or how NEB calls it Pipeline Incidents Visualization, NEB decided to have an internal open house to gauge how the other NEB employees felt and thought about the visualization. And of course Vizworx and the Ilab was invited to attend which I found was a great opportunity to gather user research. The open house provided snacks for attendees and it started off with Katherine, the product owner, demonstrating the uses of the visualizations.

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    NEB Project Article

    It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks since I started my new job as a Summer Research Student. (I personally like to think myself as a Data Visualization Designer, but unfortunately that’s not my official title.) Like all jobs, I find it ideal to be able to dip my toe into the waters before getting to the nitty gritty part and the ILab was one of those jobs. My first day I dealt with colour palettes and mocking up an already conceptualized landing page for the NEB project. It didn’t take long for me to crave more work, so I asked for more, which resulted in me doing some more design…