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    Finding a Hairstylist

    My search for a hairstylist has finally come to an end! Growing up, I never knew how great it was to get a stable trusted hairstylist. Mom bounced me around to whoever was cheapest and called it a day. Sometimes I would be happy with the cut, and most times I wasn’t. I get why I had this experience, but now that I’m older, I can afford to get a professional that I trust.  Back in Calgary, my hairstylist was Tomomi from Etch. I trusted her a lot. She was able to give me advice on hairstyles I was interested in getting and guided me toward styles that would best match my…

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    YVR: A New Chapter

    Summer has ended and fall is approaching fast. It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.  Earlier this year I was a proud Calgarian. Now I’m happy to call Richmond is my home. Where do I get started with this tale?Hmm. Well in Calgary I wasn’t exactly pleased with my situations. I was in a job that didn’t utilize my skillset properly. I wanted to do more, and despite my diligence and eagerness, I wasn’t being given more. My family situation and a few of my closest relationships were toxic. I had the tools to overcome the trials, but I needed the energy and patience to…

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    Uzu Taiyaki Review

    Woot! Another Taiyaki place has opened up in Calgary. The other place is the little Korean place located in the same building as Try Again, the bubble tea shop in Chinatown. For those who don’t know, Taiyaki is a popular fish shaped snack in Japan. It’s a fish shape pastry filled with yummy goodies. It’s commonly found with red bean, or custard filling. Taiyaki exists in Korea as well, but they are known by another name, bungeo-ppang. Uzu Taiyaki had their soft opening on Feb. 23, 2018! And judging by the amount of people lingering by the store front when I went in, it’s safe to say that it was a…

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    Inclusive Design Workshop – Calgary UX

    It’s Lien here, bringing you another blog post! Woot. This time I’ll be discussing what I learnt in the workshop I attended. This post is more for my sake because I needed a place to record my notes from this workshop, but I figured why not share the knowledge. That and it’s easier to find notes again if it’s all online. Anyways, as you know by the title of this post, I went to the Inclusive Design Workshop hosted by Calgary UX and it was a lovely time. It was housed over at the ATB Entrepreneur Center down at 17th ave SW and man that place was nice. It’s a place…

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    Incidents Open House

    Hello all! Before the launch of Incidents, or how NEB calls it Pipeline Incidents Visualization, NEB decided to have an internal open house to gauge how the other NEB employees felt and thought about the visualization. And of course Vizworx and the Ilab was invited to attend which I found was a great opportunity to gather user research. The open house provided snacks for attendees and it started off with Katherine, the product owner, demonstrating the uses of the visualizations.

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    Hiking @ Ha Ling Peak

    A few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to trek up the popular hiking trail Ha Ling Peak located near Canmore. It was in amidst of the BC forest fires and the haze offered great coverage from the sun. Without the haze, I’m pretty sure our group would have been out of energy half way up the mountain. It took us about three hours to get to the summit and it was hike was 90% inclines. There wasn’t much room for breaks so I would definitely say this was one of the more challenging trails we did this summer. The last 10% of the hike was mostly rocky terrain…

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    Taste of Calgary 2017

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well this fine week. As a foodie, I’m usually stumped on what places to eat with friends whenever we have a night out so events like Taste of Calgary are a great way for us to see the new things the Calgary food scene has in store for us. I went with another person and we had a budget of 20 dollars. We like playing a game while attending events like this. Our game is to find the best food item that was worth it’s price in tickets. Judging criteria:  Portion Size Ticket Amount Taste First off, we started with a Tot Poutine with…